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Chautauqua Area Recreational Soccer (CARS)


Playing Rules (Amended 1/31/17)
NOTE: These rules are open to change until the beginning of the season. Please review often.


  1. Governing Rules

a. The most current edition of FIFA Laws of the Game shall be the governing rulebook of all games within the Chautauqua Area Recreational Soccer League.

b. The Chautauqua Area Recreational Soccer League is a “recreational” league and, by definition, is not meant to be competitive. The primary goal of this league is to provide a safe, enjoyable and healthy activity for children of all skill levels. There should be little emphasis on winning and more emphasis on participation for all. These ideals should govern the actions and decisions of all directors, coaches, players and spectators.

c. All participating clubs shall hold OPEN registration without the practice of hand selecting teams. Any child (regardless of ability), interested in playing, shall be allowed and not discouraged from playing.

d. If more than one team is possible within any age group, teams should be selected in a manner that will balance the skill level for evenly matched teams.

  1. Registration

    1. All players MUST be registered and insured through NYSWYSA or US Soccer. No un-registered or uninsured players shall be permitted to play at any time.

    2. No player shall be assigned (on Roster) to more than one team roster or play for more than one club within the Chautauqua Area Rec League within the same season.

    3. Team rosters may have up to, but no more than twice the number of players that are on the field during the game.

  1. Age Divisions

a. Under 6, 8, 10,13,15 & 18 (6U shall be in-house for each club)

b. 6U shall be co-ed, all other age groups shall be divided by girls and boys (except those that play in-house only for any age group may be co-ed)

c. The Parent Club (NYSWYSA or other governing body) shall set the cut-off date for determining age group (Birth yeart).

d. Each local club shall determine teams and declare the number of teams prior to the annual scheduling meeting.

  1. Field Size

a. 8U    15-25 yd wide x 25-35 yd long

b. 10U    35-45 yd wide x 55-65 yd long

c. 13U    45-55 yd wide x 70-80 yd long

d. U-14    50 yd wide x 100yd long Minimum

e. U-18    50 yd wide x 100yd long Minimum

f.  The length in all cases shall exceed the width.

  1. Field Markings

a. All field markings shall conform to U.S.S.F. and FIFA standards wherever possible.

b. All markings should be clearly visible.

  1. Size of Goals

a. 8U - 4ft x 6ft

b. 10U - 6ft x 12ft or 6ft x 18ft

c. 13U - 6ft x 18ft or 7ft x 21ft

D. U-14, U-18 - 8ft x 24ft

d. All goals must be solidly anchored for safety.

  1. Size of Ball

a. 6U-8U: Size 3

b. 10U-13U: Size 4

c. U15-18U: Size 5

d. The home team shall supply the game balls.

VIII Number of Players

a. 8U - 4v4 plus a goalkeeper

b. 10U- 6v6 plus a goalkeeper (minimum of 5 players to start game)

c. 13U - 8v8 plus a goalkeeper (minimum of 6 players to start game)

d. U15, 18U: 11 on a field at a time per team (10 + a GK) (min. 7 per team to play)

e. Team sizes may predicate smaller sided games at certain age groups. This may be determined at the time of the game if agreed upon by both coaches.

f. In the case of one team lacking players - The game shall be played as long as both teams have the minimum required number of players. The team that has sufficient players may, but is not required to, play “down” to the number that the other team is playing. If the full strength team begins to dominate the game, steps should be taken to limit the winning team.

g. All teams shall make every effort to have a sufficient number of players for each scheduled game. Borrowing of players is permitted (see rules for borrowing of players) and should be utilized if needed to permit completion of all scheduled game.

IX.  Equipment

a. All members of the team shall be provided with a matching uniform.

b. All jerseys shall be distinctively numbered except for the goalies jersey.

c. All players shall wear tennis shoes or soft cleated soccer shoes.  No metal or screw in studs will be allowed.  Toe studs are not allowed.

d. Age/size appropriate shin guards are mandatory and shall be completely covered by the sock.

e. Soft helmets may be worn but are not required.

f.  Goal Keepers shall wear a distinctive shirt that differentiates them from the rest of the team

g. In the event of matching uniform colors, the home team shall use “pinnies” if available or change jerseys if possible.

X.  Duration of Game

a. 8U: 4 quarters of 10 minutes each

b. 10U: 4 quarters of 12 minutes each

c. 13U: 4 quarters of 15 minutes each

d. U15: 4 quarters of 15 minutes each

e. 18U: 4 quarters of 17 minutes each

f.  There shall be a 2 minute break between quarters and a 5 minute break between halves.

g. The clock shall run continuously without stopping except in the case of an injury where excessive time is required.

h. Early games that are delayed or run late will be ended by 7:00 if there is a late game scheduled.

i.   There shall be no overtime, all ties end in a tie.

  1. Referees and Assistant Referees

a. Each club shall provide certified referees for each of their home games. Clubs shall be permitted to utilize referees from other clubs in the event that no referees are available for a certain game. Borrowed referees shall be paid the same amount as paid to their normal referees.

b. All games shall be officiated by at least one certified referee.

c. Two Referees may be utilized, with one being designated as head referee, where side line officials are not utilized.

d. Side line officials are recommended but not required.

e. Referees shall officiate games up to one age group below their own age. Referees should not officiate their own age or higher.

f.  Officiating games involving siblings or family members should be avoided where possible.

g. The assigned head referee shall be in charge of the game and will make all final decisions about all aspects of the game.

h. No game shall be cancelled except for Lightning (see: weather conditions) or a lack of players from one or both teams..

i.   The head referee has the authority to eject any player, coach or spectator for verbal abuse (see Zero tolerance policy as released by NYSWYSA) The game may be halted until such person has left or called off completely if any ejected person refuses to leave the field area.

  1. Timekeeping

a. The official game clock (time) shall be kept by the head referee on the field.

XIII. Start of Play

a. The winner of the coin toss will have a choice of choosing sides or the ball kick off.

b. The ball must move forward on the kick off; if it does not, the player retakes the kick.

c. The player placing the ball into play on the kick off may not touch the ball again until another player (from either team) has touched the ball.

d. No player may cross the center line before the ball is put into play.

e. At the beginning of each quarter, the kick-off will be taken by the team which did not have the kick-off the previous quarter.

XIV. Ball out of play

a. The ball is determined to be out of bounds when it entirely crosses the goal line or side line. If any part of the ball is on or vertically above the line, the ball is still in play.

b. Side lines-

i.   Any team causing the ball to go out of play will lose possession and the opposing team shall be awarded a throw-in at the spot at which the ball went out of bounds. Throw-ins shall conform to FIFA:  Two hands behind head, both feet on ground at release of the ball, behind side line.

c. End lines-

i.   Any team causing the ball to go out of play over their opponents end line will lose possession and the opposing team shall be awarded a goal kick.

ii. Any team causing the ball to go out of play over their own end line will lose possession and the opposing team shall be awarded a corner kick on the side of the goal at which the ball went out of bounds. The player kicking the corner may not touch the ball again until it is touched by another player.

  1. Scoring

a. A goal is scored when the entire ball has crossed the end line within the confines for the goal.

b. After each goal the opposing team will be awarded a kick-off.

XVI. Offside

a. The offside rule shall be in effect for all ages except for 8U and shall conform to FIFA.

b. The 8U division shall not penalize for an offside offense but the practice of cherry picking should not be encouraged or allowed. Any offending player and/or coach shall be warned against the practice.

XVII. Slide Tackling

a. There shall be NO slide tackling allowed at any level of play.

b. A goal scored by a player sliding does not count and a goal kick shall be awarded.

c. Any player charged with slide tackling, shall receive a warning and the penalty shall be an indirect kick for the opposing team from the point of the infraction.

d. The second offense for slide tackling shall result in the issuance of a yellow card and the player will leave the field for 5 minutes of actual play time.

e. A third offense shall result in the issuance of a red card and removal for the remainder of the game.

  1. Fouls and Infractions

a. All fouls and infractions shall be governed by the most current copy of FIFA laws of the game.

b. Fouls resulting in a kick awarded to the other team may be direct or indirect depending on the type of infraction (refer to referee).

c. Direct kicks may be taken at the placement of the ball and may result in a goal.  All other players must be at least 10 feet/yards away from the ball (feet due to field size, yards on a larger field—again referee discretion).

d. Indirect kicks require the touch of a ball by a second person before a goal may be scored.  The first touch must move the ball in at least one complete rotation.  All opposing players must be at least 10 feet/yards away from the ball. (see above)

e. Fouls resulting in a penalty kick:  all players must be outside the penalty area with the ball placed on the hash mark.  The goal keeper must have his/her heels on the goal line.  The kicker may not touch the ball a second time before it is touched by another player.

f. 8U exception: all kicks shall be indirect.  There shall be no penalty kicks.

g. HEADING: Purposeful heading of the ball is not allowed at the 8U and 10U levels.

Infractions result in an indirect free kick for the opposing team at the point of the infraction.

  1. Hand ball infractions

a. Players may place his or her hands over sensitive parts for protection, without being charged with a hand ball as long as the arms or hands are not moved in a manner to direct the ball.

  1. Substitutions

a. All players shall be played equally.  No player shall play four quarters before all have played 3.

b. All players shall be guaranteed at least half the game playing time.

c. Substitutions shall be made at the half field line and allowed at a stoppage of play such as:

i.   On the substituting teams throw in or corner kick

ii. Either team’s goal kick

iii. At kick-off following a goal

iv. Between quarters or halves

v.  For injured player (if play stopped for injury)

d. Subs must wait for referee permission to enter the field and will enter and exit at the midfield line.

e. Substitutions during play shall be kept to a minimum.

f.  Multiple substitutions near the end of a game, designed to stall and burn time, is strongly discouraged.  Substitutions in this case shall be at the discretion of the referee.

g. 8U, 10U, 13U  A single goal keeper shall play no more than half a game in the goal.

  1. Borrowing of players

a. Borrowing of players is allowed within the same or into a higher age group. No player shall play in an age group younger than the age group to which the player is originally assigned.

b. Borrowing of players should be limited to an as needed basis and not allowed unless a team has less than 2 substitutions available for a specific game.

c. Any borrowed player shall not start over or get more playing time than actual team members.

d. No player shall play in more than 2 games per day.

  1. Coaches

a. All coaches must submit to a background check and be issued a coaches pass to be permitted to coach. The coach shall carry this pass during all games.

b. Coaching from the sidelines shall be kept to a minimum.

c. There shall be a limit of three coaches per team allowed in the team bench area during any game.

d. Coaches shall stay within their respective bench area and avoid walking along the sideline or crossing the mid line. Coaches should not be on the field of play during the game except in the case of injury. One coach MAY be on the field at the 8U level.

e. The winning coach shall be responsible for reporting game results to the local newspaper on the night of the game. Team sponsor names, score, who scored and goal keepers names are required. Do not post any team records or use phrases such as undefeated.

  1. Weather conditions

a. In the case of electrical storms (physical sighting of lightning) any game under way shall be halted with all players leaving the field area and going to a safe place (ie vehicle or building) for a minimum of 15 minutes. If no additional lightning has occurred within this time the game may resume. Additional lightning will restart the clock at 15 minutes.

b. Excessive heat shall not be cause to cancel a game. Measures may be taken to limit the risk of heat related issues (ie; shorter quarters, longer breaks, more substitutions)

c. Early games delayed for weather reasons may need to be shortened to allow for a later game to start on time.

d. Extreme or severe weather should not be ignored. No game is worth the risk of injury or death.

e. Parents have the ultimate say as to whether they feel safe letting their child play.

  1. Miscellaneous

a. Lopsided games:

     If the score becomes too lopsided (5 or more goals), pull stronger players to defense or out of the game. Encourage stronger players to develop skills (can only shoot off a volley, must be outside the 18 yard box, must pass 25 times before shooting, the losing team could add an extra player and/or the winning team could remove a player, etc)

b.. All spectators shall sit on the sideline opposite the team benches whenever possible.

c. Spectators shall not sit or stand along the end line or near the goal.

d. Spectators shall encourage all players and not cheer against any team or individual.

e  Opposing players and coaches shall shake hands following each game.

f. No alcoholic beverages or tobacco product shall be permitted within the field area.



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