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4U Practice Session Curriculum

Each week will have 1 session for both of the week's sessions. Try to set up the first drill before practice. Print the sessions ahead of time. 
Week 1 - print/download
5 min - Have assistant/helper hand out uniforms to parents. Introduce yourself to the kids/parents and then let the kids introduce themselves in order to learn names. You may want to have them say their name and favorite animal, food, game, etc. Discuss how to dribble the ball with the inside of the foot, shoot with the laces, and no hands. Do this for both sessions.
5 min - "Coach Says"
10 min - Big Bad Coach  
10 min - 123 Red Light
12 min -
Team v Team Goals! - Two teams start at either end of the field with all players having a ball. Players race to the opposite end and shoot at the goals of the other team. Whichever team shoots all the balls first wins. Next time the team who puts all of their balls in the goal first wins. This game will help with coordination, dribbling, avoiding others, shooting, and direction of play.

Week 2 print/download
5 min - The Big Snake
10 min - Tag
8 min - Treasure Hunt
5 min - My Ball
12 min -Team v Team - Every player on one of the team has a ball lined up at their end. They try to score on the other team's goal while the other team
(lined up at their end) tries to stop the shooting team. Once all players have a chance to shoot the other team goes. Keep switching until the time is
up. Both teams should get the same number of chances to score.

Week 3 - print/download
5 min - "Coach Says"
5 min - The Big Race
10 min - LA Freeway
8 min - Lion King
12 min - 3v3 all with balls - Lineup the two teams on either end (recommended: without telling the kids what you are doing, line them up best player to weakest. YOU MUST KEEP THIS TO YOURSELF). Pick one team to be on offense first. The first three players from each team step forward. The 3 players on offense each have a ball and try to score a goal while the 3 players on defense try to stop them. Once everyone from the team on offense has a turn switch roles. Keep turns and keep the games moving quickly. It may be wise to make the field narrower.

Week 4 - print/download
5 min - 123 Red Light
10 min - The Big Bad Bear
8 min - Lion King
5 min - The Mosquito
12 mins - Clear Your Side - Spread out the teams on their respective side with each player having a ball. The object is to get clear your team's side of the field of balls. Play for 2 mins trying to kick all balls from your side. After 2 mins the team with the fewest balls on their side wins. Reset and play again. Play 4 times with a minute break in between. Try to keep the games moving quickly so not to lose their interest.

Week 5 - print/download
5 min - The Mosquito
10 min - 123 Red Light
5 min - Big Bad Coach
8 min - Lion King
12 min - 3v3 soccer - play four 3 min quarters. No Goalies. No Positions. Coaches kick a ball in on all dead balls. 



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